The Wesley Heights Neighborhood in Charlotte NC

Living and Working in the Wesley Heights Neighborhood of Charlotte NC

Wesley Heights is a neighborhood located on the west side of Charlotte, North Carolina. The neighborhood is located to the west of the I-77, close to Freedom Drive and Morehead Street. Its proximity to the city center and a variety of nearby attractions makes it quite appealing to professionals looking to settle down in the area.

This quiet neighborhood marks the gateway to west Charlotte. It is worth noting that home prices in the area are relatively lower as compared to other nearby neighborhoods such as Elizabeth. Read on below to learn more about Wesley Heights Charlotte, NC.

Wesley Heights Accessibility to UptownWesley heights Charlotte NC on google maps

The neighborhood of Wesley Heights is just a short drive from Uptown Charlotte. Its proximity to Interstate 77 and the city center make it quite appealing to professionals who will be moving to and fro on a regular basis. Furthermore, those who prefer walking from the neighborhood to nearby attractions and uptown have the welcome option of using the Greenway.

Wesley Heights Historic Status

Wesley Heights is the only remaining neighborhood in this part of Charlotte, the Westside, which is still designated as a historic district. The neighborhood is made up of historic homes dotting the oak lined streets.

The structures which were developed during the first half of the 20th century have been well preserved to date, giving the area an unrivalled historic appeal. The neighborhood has done well when it comes to steering clear of any urban developments that would put its historic status in jeopardy over the years.

Walkability of Wesley Heights

As stated above, Wesley Heights is made up of oak lined streets. Taking a walk around the neighborhood is both refreshing and relaxing. To make things even better, residents can simply take a walk from the neighborhood, along the lush greenway to uptown in just a few minutes.

Residents can also walk to the nearby Bank of America Stadium and a variety of other attractions including the BB&T Ballpark and Romare Bearden Park among others.

Wesley Heights Nearby Attractions

To ensure that Wesley Heights’ residents enjoy their free time, whenever necessary, the area is home to a variety of popular attractions including sports arenas are mentioned above, restaurants and breweries.

Wesley Heights might not be associated with the prestige of some of the surrounding neighborhoods; it is however, as appealing, if not more appealing, due to its distinct identity. The appealing architecture of its affordably priced homes is definitely one of its most endearing traits but not the only one as you can see from the above.

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